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I'm currently tracking about 25 fills on the kink meme, though the number fluctuates according to what's new and what's done (and how good I am at keeping up to date). All Charles/Erik, unless otherwise stated. New stories will be marked by a *. Updated with 7 new stories on 02/10/12.

Title: alea iacta est
Author: Anon
Summary: Erik the underage alpha imprints on Charles, a 29 year-old omega, at an ice cream shop. Hot and sweet, with a serious undertone that deals with the legalities of an alpha/omega society. Charles is understandably wary, and Erik is confused and determined to make him happy.

Title: All the King's Man (AO3)
Author: [ profile] pookaseraph
Summary: The one where Charles is Madame de Pompadour and Erik is Louis XV, and I want to flail around in glee because it’s just that perfect. COMPLETE

Title: And these, from atoms - Part 2 (AO3)
Author: [ profile] kay_cricketed
Summary: A long, wonderful story- which was picked back up in November. Erik and Charles are trapped inside a mine, dependent on each other for survival. Their isolation focuses the story into a complex study of their differing beliefs, post-divorce relationship, and the effects of Charles’ disability, five years after Cuba.

Title: As We Saunter Vaguely Down
Author: [ profile] alishatorn
Summary: Charles/Azazeal. A Hex crossover inspired by the double whammy of the Fassbender connection and use of the same manor house in both canons. Scorching hot and highly intriguing, Azazeal seduces an eighteen year-old Charles Xavier and (of course) turns out to have an ulterior motive.

Title: Beneath Me (AO3)
Author: [ profile] magnetism_bind
Summary: Charles is the wealthy nobleman’s son, Erik is the hot stableman. Is more information truly required?

Title: Cascade (AO3)
Author: [ profile] Telepathe
Summary: Cerebro unlocks Charles’ secondary mutation. A wonderful and intriguing soon-to-be wing!fic.

Title: Caution: Do Not Run In Hallways
Author: Anon
Summary: On his first day of high school Charles meets his Alpha- however Mr. Lehnsherr happens to be a retired general in his early thirties. Featuring a lot of frustration and boundary-setting, with Emma as Charles' older sister. Scroll down for the second excellent fill, "A Case Study In Age Disparate Alpha/Omega Dynamics In a Non-Clinical Setting".

Title: Chain Reaction
Author: Anon
Summary: Erik and Charles are teenage BFFs, Erik and Charles get drunk and watch porn, Erik and Charles get thrown for a loop. (And it's a fabulously smutty loop at that.)

Title: City by the Sea (AO3)
Author: [ profile] Black_Betty
Summary: The one inspired by Marie Antoinette where Charles is married off to Erik, a chilly prince with emotional issues. Charles’ loneliness at the new court is heartbreaking, but the prompt does include a happy ending.

Title: Darling, So It Goes
Author: Anon
Summary: Charles and Erik meet as five year-olds, Erik immediately proposes marriage, and the adorableness just keeps on going.

*Title: don't get mad, get even
Author: Anon
Summary: When Charlotte accidentally discovers her step-brother Cain's embarrassing attraction to her, she recruits her boyfriend Erik to torture him for all he's worth.

Title: Everyday Love in Stockholm (AO3)
Author: [ profile] tahariel
Summary: The one where Charles is Erik’s secret human captive and everything is kind, but nothing is right. Touching, sad, and mesmerizing in equal measure. COMPLETE

Title: Everyone Has a Price (AO3)
Author: [ profile] pandabomb
Summary: The one where Charles is a poor student in need of some cash and Erik is a rich businessman in need of some company (who falls head over heels in the most delightful way possible). HIATUS

Title: Everyone I Know Is No Good
Author: Anon
Summary: Agent Lehnsherr assigns himself to protect a serial killer’s next supposed target- Professor Charles Xavier. Featuring Alex as Erik’s partner, and a whole lot of banter.

Title: Expectations (AO3)
Author: [ profile] motleypatches
Summary: A regency-era alpha/omega AU, where Erik is a staunchly traditional alpha and Charles is a highly independent omega, determined to do things his own way. Somehow their relationship manages to progress, in a way that's beautifully written, wonderfully layered, and a delight to read.

Title: Five Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes
Author: Anon
Summary: A soldier!AU where Erik's sent off on deployment, while Charles remains behind. Their correspondence is lovely, the situation is angsty, and their eventual surprise reunion will be a joy to behold.

Title: Forever Young Has Its Downsides
Author: Anon
Summary: Erik ages, Charles doesn’t. An utterly gorgeous and expressive art fill, depicting how the two of them are slowly being separated by the years.

*Title: Forging Bonds
Author: Anon
Summary: A chance meeting in a cafe leads to the creation of a rare soulbond between Charles and Erik. Unfortunately, neither of them are particularly pleased about the situation.

Title: History Repeating (AO3)
Author: [ profile] winterhill
Summary: An epic series of one-shots depicting Charles and Erik's various meetings throughout time, with an amazingly wide range and fabulous world-building.

Title: Hold Your Own, Stack Your Stones
Author: [personal profile] primetime
Summary: A fabulous Mulan!AU, with Charles pretending to be a Dom in order to take his sister’s place in the army. Of course he’s discovered and then has to save the country. What else could he do? COMPLETE

Title: Howl
Author: [ profile] minarchy
Summary: Charles is at loose ends in Westchester, Erik is a werewolf who tries to rob his house. Things get complicated on the next full moon, and Charles proves that he's competent in a variety of areas.

*Title: A Hundred Different Directions
Author: Anon
Summary: Charles the underage omega meets his mate in high-school physics teacher, Mr. Lehnsherr. However, imprinting's only kicked off by touch, and so far everyone's kept their distance.

Title: I Don't Know What I Can Save You From
Author: Anon
Summary: Charles and Erik are long-time friends who (will eventually) end up posing as fake boyfriends to make Charles’ ex jealous. Erik pines, Raven swears, and Emma is awesome as always.

Title: In the Punch Line (AO3)
Author: [ profile] zamwessell
Summary: Basically, Charles Xavier needs a date to his tenth high school reunion. Enter Erik Lehnsherr, Raven’s best friend, who happens to be a model and the new face of Calvin Klein. COMPLETE

Title: Interplanetary Incidents
Author: Anon
Summary: An utterly delightful space AU, where Charles and Erik are semi-accidentally married in order to ensure peace between their two nations. Erik is secretly a dear and Charles is obviously a darling, but they have yet to get together (beyond one drunken evening).

Title: Late Bloomer
Author: [ profile] so_shhy
Summary: The high school AU of my heart. Erik (a mutant) starts dating a very human Charles, only to find out that he isn’t so human after all. The late emergence of Charles’ mutation causes a fair amount of angst and there’s a sub-plot about the government’s treatment of mutants which is gaining influence, but for the most part this fic is the sweetest, loveliest thing in the world. COMPLETE

*Title: Leave Me to Lay, But Touch Me Deep
Author: [ profile] synecdoche_and
Summary: Prometheus crossover. People emerging from cryogenic sleep are often highly suggestible. David 8 takes advantage of the opportunity to expand his horizons.

Title: Let's Get Together
Author: Anon
Summary: A bubbly fun Parent Trap AU, featuring an awesome Emma and an incredibly lovable Charles. Raven, Hank and Sean meet Darwin, Alex and Angel at summer camp, where a prank war is followed by the realization that they used to form one big family. Attempted re-match-making ensues.

Title: Mind the Change
Author: [ profile] xlosingbattlex
Summary: Alpha!Erik is assigned to track down Charles, an unregistered omega in a society where omegas are rare and carefully guarded. Of course, Charles is going to put up a fight.

Title: Mutually Beneficial Transaction (AO3)
Author: [ profile] pookaseraph
Summary: Erik’s short on cash, Charles’s short on casual sex and appropriate company for social occasions. Together they come to a workable arrangement. Scorching hot, with a deliciously confident and purr-y Charles. COMPLETE

Title: my mouth blooming like a cut (AO3)
Author: [ profile] asecretradio
Summary: The one where a sixteen year-old Charles develops feelings for Erik, the gardener’s nephew. Lovely, aching, and poetic.

Title: Out of the Park
Author: Anon
Summary: Erik, the professional baseball player, meets Charles, the charming college professor who knows nothing about sports. This is the best kind of fluff, and allows Charles to inflict his questionable taste in music on thousands of unsuspecting baseball fans.

Title: Playing With Fire
Author: Anon
Summary: The one where Charles is a detective being stalked by a serial killer (who turns out to be an FBI agent, who turns out to be Erik), living in a moral grey zone.

Title: Resistance Is Futile
Author: Anon
Summary: In response to my prompt of Erik as a metal-bending resistance fighter and Charles as Cerebro, a telepathic Borg queen, I received as fabulous a mini-fill as I ever could have wished for. Read it! It's wonderful and Trek-y. COMPLETE

Title: Runs In the Family
Author: Anon
Summary: The crazy-adorable powered AU where Alex gets adopted into Hank’s family and Charles is like a pregnant, “inescapable act of God, or something”. The main story-arc has been completed, but there’s a possibility of future one-shots (and angsty back-story).

Title: Scenes From the Wild (AO3)
Author: [personal profile] nekosmuse
Summary: The one where Charles and Erik are a couple with their own wilderness survival show, and Erik is determined to claim his spot at the top of the food chain. Nekosmuse has this amazing ability to write total AUs that still feel canon-y in their depictions of the characters. COMPLETE

Title: Stars Align
Author: Anon
Summary: Alien!Erik hires Charles, a human telepath, to track down Sebastian Shaw. This story is only 3 chapters in, but it’s a fascinating and well-developed start.

Title: Take My Hand
Author: Anon
Summary: Erik Lehnsherr, architect and CEO of Lehnsherr, Quested and Associates, runs through assistants faster than he can replace them. In an emergency, he drafts supposed coffee shop employee, Charles Xavier, and finds that his life has suddenly become more organized than its ever been. Inevitably, love happens, and Charles’ backstory turns out to be more complicated than expected.

Title: The Better Men - Part 2 (AO3)
Author: [ profile] TurtleTotem
Summary: A wonderful Harry Potter AU where Charles and Erik meet again as Hogwarts professors, years after their relationship fell apart. While attempting to reconcile their differences, they investigate the murder of a student and deal with Headmaster Sebastian Shaw. COMPLETE

Title: The Fine Print
Author: [ profile] minarchy
Summary: In which Erik is a single father and customer at Charles’ bookstore, and Charles is attempting to run a business and raise a rundown houseful of adopted kids. Written for the same prompt as the previous bookstore AU, this one is just as incredible and has a different kind of urgency to it, since Charles doesn’t have his inheritance to fall back on.

Title: The In-Between Places
Author: Anon
Summary: Obligatory disclaimer: I was the OP for this Addams Family crossover- and given that it’s exactly what I was hoping for, I tend to flail over it quite a bit. Post-Cuba, Charles begins to show his Addams heritage as he deals with his injury and with Erik and Raven’s abandonment. Creepy and awesome, I still hope that it'll get picked up again.

*Title: the wine, the women, the bedroom hymns
Author: Anon
Summary: Charles always thought he was a beta- being courted by an alpha proves him wrong, and the adjustment is difficult for everyone.

Title: A thousand pages, give or take a few (AO3)
Author: [ profile] betweenthebliss
Summary: Charles runs a bookstore, Erik moves into town and opens another bookstore- competition ensues. Charming and wonderful, this story features the whole cast and will hopefully be updated again soon.

*Title: Two Card Monte
Author: [ profile] manic_intent
Summary: In which Charles has a brother named Wesley (probably), who died (seemingly), but lingers on, confusing Erik and disrupting the plot.

*Title: Two Sweethearts and the Summer Wind
Author: Anon
Summary: A school trip to the Xavier beach house leads to slow, sultry somnophilia.

Title: Untitled Alpha/Omega Fill
Author: Anon
Summary: Charles is an omega who unexpectedly goes into heat at the CIA compound, Erik is the alpha who claims him. Quite probably the hottest thing on the kinkmeme, and it’s been picked up again by the author.

Title: Utopia
Author: [ profile] takmarierah
Summary: A long and complex dystopian fic, where Charles lives as Erik’s captive after Magneto manages to create a new world ruled by mutants. Erik and Charles’ interactions are fascinating and sometimes disturbing, as Erik edges towards insanity and Charles attempts to acquire what power he can.

Title: Your Mind's Like A Library
Author: Anon
Summary: Fics about Charles and his telepathy are my weakness, and this one is no exception. It’s structured as a ‘five times’ fic, showing the other character’s reactions to Charles’ telepathy and the quirks that he’s developed as a result of his mutation. Interesting and tricky, with unusual (but fascinating) characterization. It's probably been discontinued, but the two parts that are up can stand on their own.
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