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The Angels came, the Ponds departed, and overall I was unimpressed. Which is really rather horrible, because I loved the Ponds! Donna Noble owns my heart, but they were certainly my second favourite companions. And yet, despite some teary blinking at Amy's goodbye, I was relatively unmoved and I'm not quite sure why.

There were some great parts to the episode (River and the Doctor's first meeting, Amy and Rory's rooftop scene), but mostly it seemed to fall in line with the season's overall theme of 'THINGS! In the story! On the screen!' and didn't deliver the emotional impact I expected from the departure of two beloved characters. Not to mention the fact that the paradox was too localised to be an effective obstacle, were it not for the needs of the plot. Could they not have faked the gravestones, or traveled to 1939? Leaving aside the structural issues, I've always preferred it when the companions chose to leave the Doctor of their own free will- like Martha, Sarah Jane, and Turlough. There's more power in that, in their self-knowledge and ability to step away from the Doctor and his addictive, exhilarating world. The Ponds seemed like they were moving in that direction, and I'm disappointed that they never had to make that final choice for themselves.
And speaking of disappointments, "never let him see the damage" is going straight onto my list of lines that should never have been written*. It's such a strange line, and so out of character for her stage of the timeline. I could understand a younger River feeling this way, or perhaps an older River with a younger Doctor, but in this episode they're probably as close to being on the same page as they'll ever be. For her to speak that line at that moment throws an unpleasant light on their whole relationship, and goes against why I started shipping them in the first place- namely, because they seemed to be equal partners. Their very equality meant, to me, that they'd be able to share their moments of weakness and uncertainty in a way that neither of them would be comfortable doing with someone a little more under their sway. River travels with the Doctor, but she's not one of his companions. They live apart, but come together in a way that should be fascinating to watch. However, the more Moffatt shows, the less I like- which is awkward to say the least.

*Pairing the line with River's earlier, "You embarrass me, Doctor" (imitating what he said to her right before their wedding) added an extra degree of unpleasantness to the moment.

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