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I've been loving Elementary over the past few months, but couple their hints about Sherlock's past with this article and suddenly I have concerns:

The producers have yet to start writing for the actual character, but Doherty says they're already discussing what traits this Adler would need to be yin to Holmes' yang. "As we build our Irene and we get into more detail, obviously, she has to be fairly unique, in that someone like Sherlock found himself attracted to her," he says. (x)

There's a couple of things about this quote that rub me the wrong way, but it comes down to the fact that they seem to be creating Irene based on what would interest Sherlock instead of simply imagining what her character would be like in the universe that they've created. She doesn't need to be redesigned, she needs to be updated, and if they do it properly than Holmes will find her interesting just as he did in SCAN.
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Of course I read something like this and get all grumpy and wonder if I'll end up dropping the show like I dropped Sherlock- and then the newest episode airs and my heart melts like a marshmallow in the microwave. I've built up a lot of affection for this show and its characters, and they'd have to do something pretty damned awful (and ongoing) to get me to quit.
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So, here's the thing- I love Irene Adler.

By which I mean that I love her exactly as she is during her one and only canonical appearance in Arthur Conan Doyle's, "A Scandal in Bohemia". She's a singer and an adventuress, an independent woman with a private income who has love affairs with obscure European monarchs and outwits Sherlock Holmes. She also cross-dresses for fun and practicality. In short, she's pretty damn awesome. However, what she also is, is married- and when you look at it that's pretty damn awesome too.

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