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For future reference.

Fic Recs

Adaptation (& 12 Moves Sideways) by Silver Pard
Summary: Even Light’s plans don’t take spontaneously changing gender into account. Fortunately, he can adapt.

Christmas in July by [ profile] stereonights
Summary: Raito didn’t bother to wonder why he would have gone to the same frat party as L.

Clean (& Dirty) by [personal profile] pandarus
Summary: Set during the period when Light had given up the Death Note, and didn't know he was Kira.

Coexistence is Boredom by [ profile] Sakurazukamori6
Summary: A new deathnote. A new plan for world sanctity. And an entirely misled Catholic clergy. Raito and L take their respective places on the sides of their own justice.

Hindsight by Elizabeth Culmer
Summary: No man creates himself in isolation, and no mother intends her child to be a monster. A story of the Yagami family.

His Son's Father (& Captain, My Captain) by [ profile] aishuu
Summary: A tired Yagami comes home for the night, seeking relief from the Kira investigation in his family - particularly his son, Raito.

Interested in Learning More by [ profile] Shadow_of_Quill
Summary: Light isn't asexual. He just has... unusual interests. And Ryuuzaki is very observant.

Methods of Interrogation by [ profile] sub_divided
Summary: Light vs. L, a battle of wits on an uneven playing field. Because "interrogation" is just another word for torture.

Misunderstandings by [ profile] knights_say_nih
Summary: L doesn't understand what's gotten in to Light. Or that the rules of the game have changed. There's a hell of a lot L doesn't understand, and that's just not right. Featuring a memory-loss!Light, who is very young, and a jaded, angrier L, who never lets an inch of it slip.

Mortality by [ profile] whale_meat
Summary: He deserves better than this pathetically small funeral, but it’s Light himself who has ensured that he’ll never get it.

Office Politics by [personal profile] rageprufrock
Summary: L, being a much-lauded and world-renowned genius with several increasingly nonsensical and obscure aliases, should have known from the start that the relationship wasn't going to work out.

(Parenthetically) by [ profile] meiface
Summary: What goes on in L and Raito's minds beyond prose.

Playing the Part (& To Lie Flawlessly) by [ profile] Vector
Summary: L was alone in his intent stare at the monitors.

Portrait of the artist as a young boy by [ profile] Vashtijoy
Summary: Various things Light learned between the ages of three and five.

Remorse by [ profile] lebateleur
Summary: People change.

Satiation by [ profile] sesame_seed
Summary: Gods of Death only eat apples, etc.

Skeleton Key by Ebony
Summary: The excitement of a closed door, Light knew, was that you could open it.

Smooth Sailing by [ profile] Edmondia_Dantes
Summary: Getting used to those handcuffs can't have been easy.

Something Wicked This Way Comes by [ profile] aishuu
Summary: An alternate universe. L and Raito meet under different circumstances.

A Tithe to Hell by [personal profile] bookshop
Summary: Light has thirteen days to find out how it will feel--not just to kill, but to destroy.

Unraveling (& Finding Light) by [ profile] Keraha
Summary: While Kira and L battled in public, Light and Ryuuzaki had wars in private, almost silent interactions.

We Fat Ourselves For Maggots by [ profile] vissy
Summary: Ryuuku watches over his family.

Wired by [ profile] Green
Summary: Light knows L is watching again.
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