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First off, a brief rumble of Canadian nationalism before I forget. The Paris Review has an excellent interview with Robertson Davies from 1989. I have, of course, read one book by Davies (otherwise I would've lost my Canadian Merit badge), but clearly I should finish the Deptford Trilogy, because he's delightful as hell:
They say they’re full of coincidence and this, that or the other; but the fact is that my life seems to be much fuller of coincidence and curious happenings than the lives of critics. What I mean is, the kind of mind which makes a critic is analytical, cool, an infinitely, unenviably, cautious mind. A recent piece of professorial criticism of What’s Bred in the Bone was very severe with me for my attraction to arcane lore and weird belief—no use explaining that to me the arcane lore isn’t arcane at all, and makes wonderful sense, and that almost all belief is strange, if you catch it with the light falling on it in a certain way.

Now, on to business. If you were to ask me why I ship Erwin/Levi I'd have to gesture vaguely towards Tumblr and rattle off a bunch of phrases that sound like AO3 tags ('established relationship', 'size kink', 'domesticity', 'D/s overtones', etc.). Broken down or fleshed out, they're a compelling match and fortunately, so's the fic.

3 reasons why Levi wears a cravat by [ profile] ladyknightanka [C, T, <2k]
Summary: Erwin returned, a wall between Levi and the room, too great a presence to ignore any longer. Levi peeked up at him through the dark fringe of his lashes, and found that he was still smiling, his sizable hands a cradle for a rectangle of frilly white cloth.

and you remember by [ profile] popsky [C, G, 2.3k]
Summary: Rivaille remembers - nothing was known about him, except that he lived alone and was called Lance Corporal Irvin Smith.

as long as there are stars above you by [ profile] queertitan [C, E, 3.5k]
Summary: Men are toy soldiers in Erwin's hands, and like toys, they break. [Spoilers through Ch. 49]

Audacity by [ profile] Shoi [WIP, E, 60k]
Summary: Erwin believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that Levi had climbed that wall.

Back home by [ profile] epithalamium [C, T, 1k]
Summary: ‘What have you done to yourself now,’ he said. No one else but Erwin heard him add, ‘You fucking fool.’

Before Tomorrow Comes by [ profile] Ketita [C, T, 1.5k]
Summary: Levi wakes up at night with the burning need to get in the air, to prepare against the day he'll be too slow, too weak, and no longer useful to Erw-- humanity.

Clean and Quick by [ profile] cosmonaut_field [C, E, 1.2k]
Summary: Levi has rooms to clean and Erwin has meetings to attend so time is of utmost importance.

Climbing Garden Walls by [ profile] finchily [C, T, 2.5k]
Summary: The Titans are gone. It's time to be human again.

Find Hell With Me by [ profile] andtheheir [C, E, 12k]
Summary: Rivaille was sure Irvin could feel his pounding heart. He stared, his wrists still in Irvin’s grip, his body limp. He couldn’t move and, for the first time, Rivaille questioned whether or not he wanted to.

happy birthday, mr. smith by [ profile] clearlykero [C, E, 1k]
Summary: He should take a break. He should change his bandages. He should any number of things, but what he really wants to do is jerk off.

Intimate by [ profile] stereobone [C, E, 3k]
Summary: Many words have been used to describe Levi, but none of them have seemed just right to Erwin.

Just a Job by [ profile] daphnerunning [WIP, E, 8k]
Summary: There’s the faintest tinge of guilt on the man’s face, which Levi finds rather amusing. It’s not guilty enough for this to be his first time leaving marks on a whore, and it’s too guilty for a man who doesn’t care. God, he’s full of contradictions, this upper-class son of a bitch with 3-D Maneuver Gear marks all over his body and scars that say he’s seen action.

Let Lips Do What Hands Do by [ profile] sarahxsmile [C, M, 2k]
Summary: It was Irvin's hands that began it, he knew. Large and warm, pushing Levi’s hips to the side as he slipped by.

Methods of Control by [ profile] luchia [C, G, 5k]
Summary: Erwin comes back with a bloody stump instead of an arm and Levi does the only thing he can to keep him safe because clean means safe.

Morale by [ profile] euphorbic [C, T, 1k]
Summary: Levi is not one to find shame in ulterior motives when he instigates an arm wrestling match between Erwin and two other members of the Recon Corp.

Mornings Like This by [ profile] eightminutes [C, M, 2k]
Summary: He has his face half buried into the pillow, his legs curled up. “Dunno." One hand comes up to press the pillow closer. “Smells like you. Kinda turns me on." Oh, so it’s that kind of a morning.

On Your Mark by [ profile] gunpowderlatte [C, M, <1k]
Summary: While the night-befores are for the both of them, the morning-afters are solely for Levi’s enjoyment.

Paint by [ profile] Mimirs_Head [C, T, 4k]
Summary: Erwin was an artist. Levi happened to catch his eye.

Reciprocity by [ profile] vorpal_platypus [C, T, 1.5k]
Summary: Levi helps Erwin change his bandages. Set after chapter 49.

Right Now by [ profile] NanakiBH [C, E, 7.5k]
Summary: He'd let Levi have as much of his time as he wanted.

Sentimentality by [ profile] deflowercrown [C, E, 3.5k]
Summary: Levi offered his heart not to the military, not to the government, not even to the King—but to his Commander.

Sympathetic by [ profile] tanyart [C, G, <1k]
Summary: Levi wakes to the sound of bedsheets rustling and the harsh breathing of nightmares and pain.

the importance of curtains by [ profile] djsoliloquy [C, G <1k]
Summary: He has no idea why Erwin wants the damn things. He doesn’t ask.

these tides of men by [ profile] Carthage [C, E, 2.5k]
Summary: Levi’s trust, hard-fought and hard-won, is absolute.

to my heart as i go along by [ profile] arabesque05 [C, G, 2k]
Summary: Every now and then, when they're back inside the walls, Erwin invites Mike out for drinks. Mike always agrees. "You smell better drunk," he explains. Erwin doesn't ask.
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