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'We've often said to ourselves that if, by some miracle, we were to have a second life, we'd like to spend it together.'
-Letter to D, André Gorz

It feels a little odd opening a Captain America reclist with a quote from the open love letter of a French social philosopher, but the heart wants what it wants, and the words are easily lifted (the term, "obsessionally concerned for each other" could also be re-applied). My submersion in this particular fandom started off with a slow 'well, maybe' and moved quickly to an 'oh hell.' About two weeks in I realized that there were way too many excellent fics for me to keep track of in my normal way, and so this list was begun. It's since become something of a monster and, although it will hopefully keep growing, it still shows only a fraction of what's out there. As a reference point I'm hoping it'll help me remember some shorter gems and avoid wondering, 'wait, did I read that?' [April 15]


Hey Ho by [ profile] thuviaptarth
Summary: Sound out the trumpet noise.

Hurricane by [ profile] saezutte
Summary: Welcome to the inner workings of [Steve and Bucky's] mind[s] / So dark and foul I can't disguise [their dramatic lives as a superhero and a super assassin respectively] / can't disguise

The Hymn of Acxiom by [ profile] kaydeefalls
Summary: Someone is gathering every crumb you drop, these (mindless decisions and) moments you long forgot.

Marvel by [ profile] limnetic
Summary: [MCU-verse]

Problem by [ profile] talitha78
Summary: Bucky Barnes is a goddamn problem.

Shelter by [ profile] gwyneth
Summary: All I know is to keep you close.

Sorrow by [ profile] trelkez
Summary: "Don’t leave my hyper heart alone." Steve character study by way of Steve/Bucky, with some Steve/Peggy.

we go hard by voordeel
Summary: Brooklyn boys.

When You Were Young by [ profile] violace
Summary: Whoever he used to be -- the guy he is now, I don't think he's the kind you save. (He's the kind who saves you.)

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First off, a brief rumble of Canadian nationalism before I forget. The Paris Review has an excellent interview with Robertson Davies from 1989. I have, of course, read one book by Davies (otherwise I would've lost my Canadian Merit badge), but clearly I should finish the Deptford Trilogy, because he's delightful as hell:
They say they’re full of coincidence and this, that or the other; but the fact is that my life seems to be much fuller of coincidence and curious happenings than the lives of critics. What I mean is, the kind of mind which makes a critic is analytical, cool, an infinitely, unenviably, cautious mind. A recent piece of professorial criticism of What’s Bred in the Bone was very severe with me for my attraction to arcane lore and weird belief—no use explaining that to me the arcane lore isn’t arcane at all, and makes wonderful sense, and that almost all belief is strange, if you catch it with the light falling on it in a certain way.

Now, on to business. If you were to ask me why I ship Erwin/Levi I'd have to gesture vaguely towards Tumblr and rattle off a bunch of phrases that sound like AO3 tags ('established relationship', 'size kink', 'domesticity', 'D/s overtones', etc.). Broken down or fleshed out, they're a compelling match and fortunately, so's the fic.

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For future reference.

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I'm currently tracking about 25 fills on the kink meme, though the number fluctuates according to what's new and what's done (and how good I am at keeping up to date). All Charles/Erik, unless otherwise stated. New stories will be marked by a *. Updated with 7 new stories on 02/10/12.

Title: alea iacta est
Author: Anon
Summary: Erik the underage alpha imprints on Charles, a 29 year-old omega, at an ice cream shop. Hot and sweet, with a serious undertone that deals with the legalities of an alpha/omega society. Charles is understandably wary, and Erik is confused and determined to make him happy.

Title: All the King's Man (AO3)
Author: [ profile] pookaseraph
Summary: The one where Charles is Madame de Pompadour and Erik is Louis XV, and I want to flail around in glee because it’s just that perfect. COMPLETE

Title: And these, from atoms - Part 2 (AO3)
Author: [ profile] kay_cricketed
Summary: A long, wonderful story- which was picked back up in November. Erik and Charles are trapped inside a mine, dependent on each other for survival. Their isolation focuses the story into a complex study of their differing beliefs, post-divorce relationship, and the effects of Charles’ disability, five years after Cuba.

Title: As We Saunter Vaguely Down
Author: [ profile] alishatorn
Summary: Charles/Azazeal. A Hex crossover inspired by the double whammy of the Fassbender connection and use of the same manor house in both canons. Scorching hot and highly intriguing, Azazeal seduces an eighteen year-old Charles Xavier and (of course) turns out to have an ulterior motive.

Title: Beneath Me (AO3)
Author: [ profile] magnetism_bind
Summary: Charles is the wealthy nobleman’s son, Erik is the hot stableman. Is more information truly required?

Title: Cascade (AO3)
Author: [ profile] Telepathe
Summary: Cerebro unlocks Charles’ secondary mutation. A wonderful and intriguing soon-to-be wing!fic.

Title: Caution: Do Not Run In Hallways
Author: Anon
Summary: On his first day of high school Charles meets his Alpha- however Mr. Lehnsherr happens to be a retired general in his early thirties. Featuring a lot of frustration and boundary-setting, with Emma as Charles' older sister. Scroll down for the second excellent fill, "A Case Study In Age Disparate Alpha/Omega Dynamics In a Non-Clinical Setting".
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